Place Doors Yourself V1.2

Place Doors Yourself V1.2

Place the doors yourself, as many as you want and where you want, the Shipbuilder will no longer do this.

This is the second, more correct, option for solving the problem of door placement.
The game will no longer place doors on its own.
You do not need to persuade her with the help of “recommendations” to install the door the way you need.
You can, for example, not put doors in a particular compartment and it will remain isolated from the rest of the ship.

Install Plugins.txt enabler
extract PlaceDoorsYourself.esm and PlaceDoorsYourself – Main.ba2 and drop it to your Starfield\Data folder
disable Doorway placeholder if you have used it before
add “*PlaceDoorsYourself.esm” to your Plugins.txt


There is only one usage rule – you must replace the ship HABs before you decide to use insert elements (Door/Passway) in your ship.

I probably won’t be able to explain what was said without technical details. OK.

The only way to make the algorithm that places doors turn off is to trick it. He should think that he is creating a passage, but in fact the walls of all the compartments should remain in place. This is very simple to do, but it will also affect all other ships in the game, since they use the same blocks as we do in shipbuilder. Therefore, I made a copy of all the living compartments (HAB), these copies are available to you in the shipbuilder and only in it. And the insert elements (Door/Passway) will work perfectly with these compartments. But, having bought a new ship, or captured it, or you installed this mod for the first time, you have vanilla compartments (HAB) in which the algorithm that places the doors will break the walls as it wants, and not as you want. So, we remove the HABs and reinstall the same ones, everything is very simple.

There is a slight inconvenience. When you delete a ship element, it appears in the shipbuilder’s menu if it was not there before. Therefore, when you delete the vanilla HAB, you will see in the menu both the HAB that was deleted and the “correct”. To distinguish them, I added “Doors are not included!” to the description of the HAB. Be careful which HAB you install. When you re-enter the shipbuilder, you will no longer see the vanilla HABs.

Place Doors Yourself

For the main part of the game you won’t have to worry about this problem. You just need to remember that if this is a new ship, then the HABs need to be replaced.

Allow Large Modules

I haven’t seen if these modules actually have interiors and have never enabled this global variable. But in the game data they look exactly the same. I also made copies for these HABs and they should work according to the same rules as regular HABs. Try it.

Compatible with other mods

Mods that change the characteristics of HABs will no longer affect your HABs. They change the characteristics of vanilla HABs (for pirates, the” Cargo HAB” will give +100500 capacity), but from now on you use other HABs. Compatibility patches will be needed. These are very simple patches. In fact, you can draw whatever you want for yourself: install xEdit, find the desired Generic Base Form and add the desired “Property”. It’s very simple, believe me, but it’s better not to spoil the game for yourself. For any serious Overhaul, I will make such patches myself, no problem.
Authors of their own unique compartments using the vanilla “Snap Template Behavior” system to open doors to their compartment. It will be great if you immediately add the keyword None [KYWD:000065DE] to SpaceshipLinkedExterior Packin, so you will have two keywords: SBShip_Hab and None. This will not in any way affect the behavior of the doors when playing without my mod, and when playing with my mod, your HAB will no longer independently open passages in adjacent compartments. Versatile and simple. And you don’t even need to list my mod as a master. This only applies to HAB!
If some mod decides to change the vanilla “Snap Template Behavior” system in the ShipBehavior_Int_* rules, then we will have a conflict. It can be fixed with patches.
If some mod decides to change the vanilla HAB recipes (we are talking only about HABs!), for example, change the cost, then we will have a conflict. It can be fixed with patches.

Comparison with “Doorway placeholder”

My opinion is that this mod is preferable for two reasons:

It saves you from having to compromise with the Bethesda algorithm. Doorways Placeholder will cope with most situations, but not all, and during the search you can still get an unpleasant situation with the destruction of the internal cell. Worse, with Doorway Placeholder it is impossible to reliably predict whether the cell will be destroyed in this situation or not. With this mod it’s predictable: don’t use the vanilla HABs and you definitely won’t have any problems.
Doorway Placeholder violates the vanilla “recommended” routes, it’s almost imperceptible, but it’s there. In NPC ships, where without the mod there would be a ladder, with doorways it may appear in a different place. For example, all “Companion Way 1×1” HABs have marks for the recommended ladder, but the Doorway Placeholder has removed this mark. This mod does not in any way affect the operation of the algorithm that opens doors in vanilla HABs, i.e. in the ships created by the game, the passages will again be as they were tested and adjusted by Bethesda.

But the Doorway Placeholder is much simpler and less conflicting. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Since I made copies of the HABs, I thereby violated the localization (hub names and recipe descriptions), so I had to figure out how to make localized plugins. I restored the names and descriptions, but I translated the names of my insert elements only into German by Google 😉 I will try to localize them for other official supported languages. If there are native speakers, I will be happy to accept translation options from you, you can also offer options for correcting the official translation of the HAB names (in my opinion, they are bad, too wordy and it looks ugly).

The game engine currently does not allow you to specify an icon for an element in the shipbuilder menu, so the “new” HABs ended up without icons. m8r98a4f2 proposed a temporary solution that will only work with the updated StarUI Ship Builder interface – a link to the icon is inserted in the name of the element after newline, this works great, but with the vanilla interface you can sometimes see an “” instead of the name of the HAB. This is due to the fact that the vanilla text field handles the mouse wheel event and scrolls the text, this cannot be cured. Therefore, in the near future I will publish another localization option (ba2 archive) without these links, for those who play with the vanilla shipbuilder interface. I hope after the release of official support for mods this can be implemented normally.

m8r98a4f2 also gave me a “door” icon, which I posted in a separate archive. I haven’t yet figured out the tools for working with DDS that are compatible with Starfield. I’ll try to figure it out, make icons for my other elements and add a ba2 archive with textures, so that those who play with StarUI Ship Builder will have everything beautiful and wonderful.

When creating a ladder on several floors, it is possible that the laddder will consist of two parts. This can be clearly seen if you pay attention to the “activation point”. I’ll be testing this more.

There are also a few small fixes in the mod

The limit on the number of modules has been slightly increased, vanilla is 130, I set it to 200. If you use tweaks, they will still rearrange their value.
Small flickering on the edges of the inner body of Hope Spine, moved by 0.000001
In the Deimos Computer Core 2L1W HAB, three interior elements are located very far outside the compartment (-8.xx at a maximum of -4), I set “initial disabled” flag, I had them hanging in the middle of the adjacent HAB
in the Stroud Berthing All 2L1W HAB, the table located in the corner of Fore-Stbd is not linked to the Stbd wall and interferes with the passage if this wall is opened, the correct Linked-References are set, author keithvsmith1977

Place Doors Yourself



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