HQ – DigiPick and CreditStick V1.0

HQ - DigiPick and CreditStick V1.0

High Quality DigiPick and CreditStick!
Better visible!

Modification improves the quality and visibility for DigiPick & CreditStick.
High Quality DigiPick & CreditStick textures!
Textures are adjusted to improve the visibility of these objects in the game world!
This 2 object in game now have better response with lighting sources.

HQ - DigiPick and CreditStick V1.0

2 OPTIONAL update Rusty Green CreditStick, and Silver Cream CreditStick.


Enable Modding

Enable modding by creating an ini file in My Games\Starfield / StarfieldCustom.ini
Add precisely the following to StarfieldCustom.ini


Manual Install

After unpacking paste “Data” folder in > Disk:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Starfield\…


A100N vito74m

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