Immersive Memorial Portraits V1.0

Immersive Memorial Portraits V1.0

Replaces the textures of each of the Constellation companions’ memorial portraits with images that look more like actual photographs of them.

I really dislike the vanilla memorial portraits, which I think all look somewhat poorly made and are a bit immersion-breaking. I think whatever lighting they used when they made the pictures isn’t great, but it’s also the backgrounds that look a bit too fake for my liking. Then you add in the odd expressions each of the companions have, and the low resolution and compression of the images..

So I made my own portraits using photomode. They’re meant to look like real(ish) photographs somebody would’ve actually taken, of each of the Constellation companions happy and in their element. Hope you like them!

The texture files are a bit horizontally stretched, but they appear as they should in-game. They’re square images getting compressed onto a rectangular mesh, so I measured the model they’re placed onto and accounted for that by stretching each texture. They all have a resolution of 2048×2048.

Please install using a mod manager. I use and recommend Mod Organizer 2.
You can, of course, install this mod manually if that’s your preference and you know how. Since this mod doesn’t contain an .esm plugin, you could just drag and drop it into your Data folder after configuring your StarfieldCustom.ini.



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