More Space Encounters V1.0

More Space Encounters V1.0

Hello and welcome.

So after so so so much time, i finally found a code to increase space encounters.

Why it took me so long?
Well. After so much testing, quitting, changing values and again testing i found this.

1.A huge amount of events are placed under 3 global commands. I was looking to increase only hostile events, but that’s not possible at the moment from what i’ve seen. These 3 commands increase chance for almost all events. There is still some not included commands, i need to test them more.
There are 11 commands at the moment in txt file and i think all of them affect space encounters.

2. Some planets won’t generate encounters at all. Let’s take Altair for example. Altair I and Altair II in my testing did not spawn any encounter but Altair III did every time. Why? I am not sure yet. There is a bunch more planets not spawning anything probably , i did not test all of them.

3. Mod should affect both StarMap and random encounters. There is still something about Derelicts, but there are so much empty events that could affect encounter spawning, so they are not included for now.

So. For now, all values are set to 100. No worries. You will not encounter hostiles every time, only because there is so much other events that are connected with these commands. MAKE A BACKUP SAVE BEFORE RUNNING THIS MOD! I AM NOT SURE HOW WILL AFFECT GAMEPLAY!! It’s console commands after all, but better be prepared!

Report every problem u have found. So i can look into it.

Edit: Uploaded Optional file for CCR.

Unpack, copy and paste TXT file where your Starfield.exe is located.

You can run “bat MrGebaSpaceEcounters” (without “”) every time you start a game in console.
Or you can set up CustomIni located in Documents/MyGames/Starfield/StarfieldCustom.ini, that way game will automatically start my bat file.
Setting up ini:

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat MrGebaSpaceEcounters; (remove ; at the end if something doesn’t work)

or if you did already mod :
sStartingConsoleCommand=bat somemods;bat MrGebaSpaceEcounters;

I can’t tell where exactly my mod must be, last or first, no idea. I don’t run any other mods.



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