Nude Models Collector V1.0

Nude Models Collector V1.0

My girlfriends helped me come up with the unique names and sign each one, no using signature fonts. It’s the real-deal.
(3 awesome women: not in the images)

The idea of this mod is to turn magazine/comic collection into autographed portrait collection.
Collect Them All!

All models and their names are fictional and have no link to in-game characters.

Currently, this mod does not change the text of in-game magazines. In the future (probably when kit comes out), I’ll
change it so there will be names of models in the in-game descriptions
instead of magazine names etc.

I highly suggest using a LUT to get the most vibrant colors for the portraits.
I use: SGS’s LUTs – Enhanced Color Grading and Black Levels

Use your favorite mod manager to install


+ Extract the Data folder into your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder
+ Create a StarfieldCustom.ini (if you don’t have one already) file into your Documents\My Games\Starfield
+ Edit the StarfieldCustom.ini and add the lines below:




Download mod

File File size
7z Nude Model Collector-1-0 10 MB
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