Starfield Graphics Optimization – Custom Presets for FPS Performance V0.7

Performance Ultra Settings 60fps in cities V0.5

I changed the ultra preset and made the game run way better while still having great graphics. This should help anyone who has a low/high graphics card run at pretty good settings. You should be able to get 20-30FPS from this, cities get the most impact, and they don’t kill your FPS anymore. Have fun and thanks for reading

You will be happy because you’ll finally be able to play this laggy game. Even on old hardware, it runs these settings well.

– You need to put the file in the game folder and make sure to make a backup of the old ultra.ini preset.
– In the game to get these modded settings to apply, you have to switch from low back to ultra settings.

– You can change any setting that you would like, if you didn’t want motion blur you could turn that off.
– Keep in mind that changing a slider will take off my settings for that option but not everything else.

Try it out and if you don’t like it, you can just revert to the backup file you made. I hope this helps anyone with performance issues so they can play the game finally.



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