Recolored Silver Credit Stick and Digipick V2.0

Recolored Silver Credit Stick and Digipick V2.0

Replace texture of CreditStick and Digipick.
Feels easier to spot on different environments.

Colors: Aquamarine, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow.

Chose the item and color file to download.
Both itens have all colors so you can pick what you like.

Check out ingame video.

Fell Free to use or modify as you like.
Software used:

This mod doesn’t chage game files. It’s safe to use. Check out the unninstalation method.

How to Install:

Extract the zip file in \Documents\My games\Starfield\ directory. If you already have a texture file you’ll be asked to replace.

Create or Update StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield with:


 *If the StarfieldCustom.ini doesn’t exist, create a new text file and name it StarfieldCustom.ini

How to Unninstall:

Digipick > go to ..\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\Textures\cinimatics\ and delete the folder digipic

Credit Stick > go to ..\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\Textures\setdressing\ and delete the folder creditstick

If you have trouble, check Loose File Modding wiki page



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