Sexy and Cute Pinup Magazine Replacer – Complete V1.0

Sexy and Cute Magazine Replacer V0.1

This is a texture pack that replaces magazine covers with sexy AI-generated art (made by yours truly).

Still a work in progress, replaced magazines/series so far are:
Freestar Captain’s Logs
Peak Performance
Cyber Runner’s Cipher
Combatech Catalog
Gunslinger’s Guide

I made abundant use of inpainting and tried to go for a variety of characters and art styles, so most the images should be relatively different. Tried to adhere to the theme of the original where possible, so you might even say it’s lore-accurant 😉.
Suggestions and feedback are more than welcome! Leave a comment if you have any ideas for improvement, new themes/pictures, or if you just like the mod 😀

Download the zip and extract it into `C:\Users\[name]\Documents\My Games\Starfield` so you should have `…\Starfield\Data\Textures\…etc`
Alternatively, you can fully delete the data folder in `My Games\Starfield` if you don’t have anything important in there, forcing the game to load textures from the install directory instead



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