Starfield Display Revamp V1.5.1

Starfield Display Revamp V1.5.1

Dive into the Starfield universe with our Starfield Display Revamp. While we’re still in the initial phases, our revamped screens offer resolutions up to 8K. We’re committed to amplifying visuals without sacrificing the game’s core essence. Embark on an even more detailed space exploration.

Download with Vortex / MO2.

Current Features:

FOMod installer.
Revamped specific screens/monitors, signs and so on, found all across the Starfield universe.
Authentically remade textures from scratch with pixel-perfect accuracy.
Textures available in 8K, with 4K and 2K as separate downloads

Unpacked filesize
8K = 3949.41 MB
4K = 1010.64 MB
2K = 259.86 MB

In the Pipeline:
We’re gearing up with expansive ideas:

Addition of intricate signage, alert signs, labels, and more display screens.

A Gentle Reminder:
Staying true to Starfield is our priority, but we’ve taken a few creative liberties for a richer visual delight.

Technical Insights:

Files are encoded with Texconv.exe from Microsoft’s DirectXTex tools.
Design tools used: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator).


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