Starfield HD Signage V1.1

Starfield HD Signage V1.1

Starfield HD Signage, a comprehensive mod designed to transform and elevate the visual experience of your journey through the vast expanses of Starfield. This mod meticulously replaces all the generic signage found throughout the game’s world, giving each sign a unique, crisp, and visually stunning appearance.

Manual Installation:
Install the two texture files into textures\setdressing\signage

High-Quality Textures:
This mod introduces a range of textures available in 8K, 4K, and 2K resolutions, catering to different system specifications and ensuring that every player gets to enjoy enhanced visuals irrespective of their hardware. Each texture is painstakingly created from scratch, ensuring a level of detail and clarity that seamlessly integrates with Starfield’s immersive world.

Exception to the Rule:
Due to the game’s default method of generating signs from an atlas texture on the fly, two specific files have been remade to ensure compatibility and maintain the high standard of quality set by this mod. These files have been reimagined and redesigned to fit seamlessly into the new visual landscape.

Pure Craftsmanship:
This mod stands as a testament to pure artistic craftsmanship, free from AI enhancements or upscaling. Every detail, has been created manually, ensuring a unique and authentic visual upgrade to your Starfield adventure. Immerse yourself in a world where every sign tells a story with unparalleled clarity and definition.

Installation and Compatibility:
Starfield HD Signage is designed for easy installation and is compatible with a wide range of system specifications. Simply choose the texture resolution that best suits your setup, and follow the included installation guide to transform your game world.



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