Thirst Trap – Sexy Vending Machine retexture V1.0b

Thirst Trap - Sexy Vending Machine retexture V1.0

Want more hot ladies in your game, but not looking to plaster hentai all over your world? Good news!
Thirst Trap replaces vending machine displays with thematic, high quality western-style artwork of sexy ladies.
It’s even, arguably, lore-friendly and SFW! (creator disclaims all responsibility for broken immersion or careers)

This texture pack replaces all the vending machine display textures with 1K textures of thematically matching high quality artwork of sexy ladies (based on AI generated images).
All vending machine displays have been replaced, preview images are limited to prevent spoilers and preserve novelty.
Texture size has been doubled and image brightness has been dialed down a bit so they render with the machine’s backlight better.



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