Tiger Outpost Posters V1.0

Tiger Outpost Posters

This mod replaces posters, advertisements and paintings for Outopst builder, with sensual images generated by AI but without excessive nudity.

Images in addition to outposts may be visible in other parts of the world where the same files are used.
In addition, the mod also replaces the “Frogspace” poster set and the abstract painting set.

Some images may appear rotated or distorted, this is not an error in the images, but from how the game places them there.

Download with mod manager or manually
Unzip the archive in the folder “Documents\My Games\Starfield”


Images of abstract paintings set are created by me using DeepAI
All others images are original creation by @AI_EmeraldApple

Download mod

File File size
7z TigerOutpostPosters-1-00 48 MB
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