EM Turrets V1.04

EM Turrets V1.04

Adds a full line of EM Turrets to use at the ship builder.

EM Turrets

I was always bothered by the absence of any EM Turrets in the base game. Turrets are great for passively damaging ships to the side or rear while actively pursuing the target in front of you, and EM weapons are great for disabling various ship systems (weapons, engines, jump drive, etc.) while doing moderate shield damage. I always thought it would be great to have turrets that combined these functions, so I created this mod.


This mod adds a full range of EM Turrets to the ship builder. All of the game’s normal fire EM weapons are covered (plus one extra currently) and their new turret version will unlock at the same player level and ship perk level as the base weapons. The turrets are kept balanced according to the original manual fire versions with some basic universal adjustments:

All turrets are normalized to power level 3 per unit. This is to allow a total of 4 turrets of any type (two rear, one on each side typically).
All turrets are increased by one tier firing speed as turrets would typically fire more rapidly, and damage is adjusted to maintain relative DPS (see below).
All turrets have roughly 33% higher DPS at max power (4 of 4 turrets) to account for auto-fire sometimes missing and tracking having limited angle.
All turrets also do 50% of the EM damage they do to shields. So a turret shot that does 24 EM damage would also do 12 damage to shields.
Turrets do a TINY amount of hull damage (1 without perks) which keeps them shooting targets to disable ship systems even after their shields have been depleted (they would otherwise stop when shields were down even if other ship systems remained operational). This damage is so low you will likely not have to worry about powering them down to avoid destroying ships as it would take a LONG time for this to happen.


Below is a breakdown of each new EM turret’s damage, rate of fire, unlock level, and total DPS when using the maximum assignable number, compared to vanilla manual fire versions arranged by manufacturer and weapon class:


It is recommended to use a mod manager. Make sure you select the correct one you are using (Mod Organizer 2 compatible or Vortex) in the installer. There is also an option to install the “Light” version or the “Dark” version (see mod images), another option to use the wider targeting radius from Lexingtons Turret Targeting Radius, and finally an option to set the turret weapon power to 2 instead of 3 allowing a total of 6 per weapon assignment instead of 4. These can be switched between at any time (the plugin file is the same).

For manual install: Copy EM_Turrets.esm and the meshes folder from either “light” or “dark” to your Starfield\Data directory. If you want the turrets to use the same wider targeting range from Lexington Turret Targeting Radius copy the ESM from the “radius” folder to Starfield\Data overwriting the version from the previous stop. Additionally if you want the turrets to use 2 weapon power instead of 3 (allowing 6 total instead of 4 per assignment) go to the “power” folder, and copy the .ESM from either the “radius” folder there if you want the larger targeting radius from the previous option, or the “normal” folder if not, and overwrite the version in your Starfield\Data directory.

NOTE: The “Dark” version is visually identical to the color changes Ship Builder Retexture – Weapon Modules – Black makes to the game’s default weapons.


In vanilla Starfield there is a bug where turrets will not fire under certain conditions. Basically this happens whenever you have more than 16 total weapons (and possibly if using a mod that allows you to assign more turrets than the total 12 power limit although this one is not confirmed). To avoid this bug on a ship you want to deck out with more than 16 weapons total (usually huge ships using mods to bypass limits) simple do the following:

Assign all your turrets first, and finalize the ship builder. Then go back into the ship builder and add any additional weapons. So long as the turrets are added first, having more than 16 weapons will not prevent them from auto-firing. This goes for ANY turrets not just the ones from this mod.



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