Halo Energy Sword Standalone V1.0

Halo Energy Sword Standalone V1.0

The standalone version of SeasoningSenpai’s Halo Energy Sword mod instead of a Barrow Knife Replacer mod, craftable in the Industrial Workbenches and have legendary traits.

Things are sadly slow for modders to make Halo mods, and understandably, modding in Starfield takes time. I just decided to just make a quick mod while asking Seasoning’s permission to make a standalone version of her mod. Thankfully, she said yes, and I started working on it immediately. I took some inspirations from Lightsaber mod, except, I only added vanilla stuff relating to Energy resistance/damage. I did not include the energy sword sound effects as I do not have much experience using wwise modding. So, the sound effects for swings and idle stuff are from varuum pain blades. So if you somehow downloaded the Star Wars Lightsaber mod, you might hear lightsaber sounds from your energy sword. Both idle and with swings and slashes. If you don’t have the lightsaber mod, then it’s just pain blade sounds since custom standalone sound implementations are not yet included until Creation Kit comes out. So, enjoy your mod and let me know if there’s something wrong with it.


SeasoningSenpai and Commando414

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