Halo Magnum Standalone V1.0

Halo Magnum Standalone V1.0

Standalone Halo Magnum mod that adds the magnum while co existing with the Eon pistols.

This mod adds the Halo Magnum from Halo which is standalone and craftable on the Industrial Workbench and you can modify the weapon using the Weapon Workbench. I used Seasoning Senpai’s assets to make the pistol standalone while co existing with the Eon pistol. Like the Energy Sword mod, this mod doesn’t have custom sounds yet. But I recommend downloading the Halo Reach Urban Eagle sound mod because I intentionally made the gun shots on the Magnum the same sound for Urban Eagle, so you might as well have to download the sound mod to make the Magnum sound like… well… the Magnum! Please let me know if you have issues with the mod.


Seasoning Senpai and Commando414

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