Laser Dots V1.1

Laser Dots V1.1

Enables surface dots for all laser sights instead of only mag weapon lasers, simple as.

By default only the non-removable lasers on mag weapons have surface dots enabled, so I went and added them to all the normal laser sights as well. It’s not that useful for actually aiming since weapons always fire in the center of the screen regardless of where the visible model is pointing, but at least it looks cool.
The alternate version also swaps the normal beam models for the equivalent mag weapon beam models, which are dimmer but have less thickness variation and a slightly longer visible length.

Note that for third person in particular the dot is significantly misaligned from where your shots will actually land, which I’m guessing is the reason it was disabled. Can’t do anything about that, it’ll require animation edits or Todd awakening from his slumber to fix.



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7z Main File-1-1 497 B
7z Alter-1-1 569 B
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