Lypetsky LP-9 Laser Pistol (Standalone) V2.0

Lypetsky LP-9 Laser Pistol (Standalone) V2.0

This mod add the LP-9 Laser Pistol as a standalone weapon to starfield. Features a few attachments to customize the weapon (2 muzzle devices, 3 firing modes, laser, reflex sight, 2 internals, and 2 mag options). Slide doesn’t reciprocate because its a laser gun (ignore the recoil)

If you encounter any bugs or issues, don’t be afraid to make a post about them!!!

This is the first weapon mod I’ve ever made so it probably has issues.

Open console and use `help lp9 4 weap`.
Version 2 of the mod added crafting of the weapon to industrial workbench.

You must have “Plugin.txt Enabler” and add `*LP9_2.esm` somewhere in your `%APPDATA%\Local\Starfield\plugins.txt` file

Ammo counter does not work.
Animations suck, the gun is using Eon reload animation. There is currently no way to make new animations (that I am aware of).



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