Microgun Holster V1.0

Microgun Holster V1.0

This mod will allow you to holster the Microgun weapon on your back.

At the moment we cannot directly make edits to weapons in SF1Edit. All guns are assigned Keywords that tell the game engine certain things such as its manufacturer, if its ballistic or laser, etc. Suffice to say there is a ton of them and they do a lot of things. After looking at “Keywords” that are assigned to weapons I found that the Microgun is missing a keyword called:


This is a keyword that is assigned to mostly all other heavy weapons in the game like the laser Cutter or the Magstorm which is why they can be holstered.

At the moment I am not able to directly add this “Keyword” to the microgun but I was able to overwrite an existing one. After browsing which ones wouldn’t break the gun or others, I found a keyword called:


This keyword “Indicates that this object can be shown in display cases meant to hold heavy weapons and tool-grip weapons”. So, by me overwriting it with the R_BackPackHolster_Lowgrip keyword the minigun will now have the ability to be holstered.

Oddly enough you can still store heavy weapons in their respective displays (at least from my testing) and ones that are already in display cases function normally.

Download and install via a mod manager. Requires Plugins.txt Enabler

Known issues:
-The Negotiator will now holster slightly higher on your characters body than before. It’s nothing severe and not game/immersion breaking.



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