Outer Rim Artillery – Star Wars Weapon Replacer V1.0

Outer Rim Artillery - Star Wars Weapon Replacer V1.0

Replaces 13 vanilla weapons with counterparts from the Star Wars Universe

First of all: If you are not a fan of Star Wars, this mod is probably not for you.
This mod is designed around the intention to turn Starfield into a Galaxy far, far away.
The foundation why this mod exists is most notably the astonishing work of radicalclownfriend. I highly recommend to download all his mods, but especially the faction ones that turn United Colonies into the Galactic Empire and the Freestar Collective into the Rebel Alliance.

This is for now the last part of a mod series that replaces all existing weapons in Starfield with counterparts from the Star Wars Universe.

What the Mod does

Replaces 13 vanilla weapons with counterparts known from the Star Wars movies/series
Most of the weapons consist only of one model and therefore have no visible changes when you add/remove mods on the weapon workbench. You can use all their vanilla mods though.
Some weapons are replaced by completely new ones. Read “Details” for more information.
Tweaked the ADS view in first person, so you can always see what you’re aiming at
All weapons have their sounds replaced. They now sound like you know it from other games/movies/series.
The Blasters shoot laser bolts. Thanks to radicalclownfriend for giving me the permission!
Optional: New weapon icons for the HUD to match the replaced models.

The weapons of this part are based upon the preferred weapons of specific Bounty Hunters of the Star Wars Universe.
Here is an overview of what weapons will be replaced:

Eon >>>DL-18
A commonly used guns by smugglers, pirates and other scum.

Novalight  >>>DL-44
Han Solos Blaster replaces the Novalight and becomes one of the few very powerful particle weapons in Starfield.

Auto Rivet  >>>K-16 Bryar Pistol
The Auto Rivet (heavy weapon) is replaced by another pistol. The Bryar Pistol can be fired semi auto or hold the shoot button to charge your shots and make them hit harder!

MagShot >>>RG-4D
The Kore Kinetics weapon are replaced by guns used from the Seperatists in the prequel trilogy. The Magshot is the first one and becomes the RG-4D, commonly used by OOM command battle droids.

MagPulse >>>E5
The “standard” rifle of the battle droids from the sequels. It now only fires one blaster bolt instead of many wide spread projectiles.

MagShear  >>>E-5c
A beloved heavy blaster by many pirates. Very similar to the E5C but modified with a stock and a barrel that can shoot in full auto mode.

MagSniper >>>E-5s
The E5S is a sniper rifle used by Battle Droid assassins. It got nerfed a little bit since I recommend using all my mods and the Amban Sniper Rifle now claims the title of the best sniper rifle in game.

MagStorm  >>>T21/T21b
The MagStorm no longer is part of the “Kore Kinetics” series but now under the “Allied Armaments” leveled list. I could have also added it to the “Imperial Armaments” mod but I decided it stays in this part. The T21 is quite modable with a different barrel and even a scope. It no longer is a very rapid automatic ballistic weapon, but a very good long range energy weapon. The base damage and precision is very high.

Grendel  >>>DC-15S
As a low level gun I chose the DC-15S, one of the standard weapons of clone troopers during the clone wars.

Drumbeat  >>>DC-17M
The DC-17M was used by the republic clone commandos. It is a repeating heavy blaster just ike the Drumbeat was before.

Kodama   >>>CR-2
The second “Naboo weapon” after the S-5 (Rebel Armaments). A rather exotic but still powerful automatic weapon.

Shotty  >>>Gen’Dai Blaster
Oh my, the shotguns… There simply are not very much shotguns in Star Wars, so I got creative. The Gen’Dai Blaster is a weapon known from the Jedi Survivor video game. It is a bulky blaster with an interesting design and makes a nice shotgun replacer.

Nobablast Disruptor >>>Ion Disruptor
As the name suggests, the Ion Disruptor just like the Novablast is an EM only weapon that lets you stun targets and is very effective against robots.

2) Installation
Use a mod manager. Use Plugin.txt Enabler.

Manual Installation:
Extract the zip file to “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\”
or if using Bakas “Disable MyGames folder” extract it to your “Data” folder where Starfield is installed.

If you don’t already have done so, please make a “StarfieldCustom.ini” or edit if it already exist in “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder with the following:




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