Star Wars Melee Weapon Replacer V1.0

Star Wars Melee Weapon Replacer V1.0

First of all: If you are not a fan of Star Wars, this mod is probably not for you.
This mod is designed around the intention to turn Starfield into a Galaxy far, far away.
The foundation why this mod exists is most notably the astonishing work of radicalclownfriend. I highly recommend to download all his mods, but especially the faction ones that turn United Colonies into the Galactic Empire and the Freestar Collective into the Rebel Alliance.

What the Mod does
replaces all vanilla melee weapons with melee weapons from other Star Wars games

Here is the list of what weapons were replaced:

Barrow Knife >>>Vibroblade
Combat Knife >>>Combat Knife
Osmoium Dagger >>>Mandalorian Vibroknife
Rescue Axe  >>>Vibroaxe
Ripshank (Gutter) >>>Dagger
Tanto >>>Beskad
UC Naval Cutlass  >>>Stun Baton
Va’ruun Painblade >>>Nightbrother Knife
Wakizashi >>>Darksaber

Use a mod manager. Use Plugin.txt Enabler.

Manual Installation:
Extract the zip file to “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\”
or if using Bakas “Disable MyGames folder” extract it to your “Data” folder where Starfield is installed.

If you don’t already have done so, please make a “StarfieldCustom.ini” or edit if it already exist in “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder with the following:

eplaces every melee weapon in the game with its Star Wars counterpart.



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