ATS: v1.40.x
Mod: Coast to Coast latest

– Hundreds of miles of new roads in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma
– More than 20 scenery or gas station towns
– Multiple fully complete cities, including Bowling Green and Owensboro in Kentucky
– Many partially completed cities, such as: Hopkinsville, Paducah, Louisville, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago
And more!

Enjoy this new mod!


Main Map: Jacemeister
– Special thanks to OtherGuy for helping me with route shields and map icons
– Special thanks to Dana,David,Jake,Patrick,Alex,Andrew,Joseph,Gregory,Tom,and Tim for your support.
Also special thanks to CajunDoritos for your help on Discord

3.1/5 - (23 votes)

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3 Comments on “MIDWEST EXPANSION V0.171B 1.46”

  1. IS Midwest Expansion ever going to be updated for the most recent Coast to Coast combination with the latest 1.40 maps? The biggest error right now is north of Cheyanne WY on I-25 just south of Casper, WY the highway does not match so traffic cannot go past that point and it causes problems for traveling either north of Cheyanne or South of Casper. I do not know anything about mapping but it appears to be a very easy fix just to connect that point of I-25 correctly. Other problems through out are all navigated so those areas can be traveled.

  2. I am not sure, but I think this may have Joplin and a little more detailed version on St. Louis. I think what I may have seen could be Manchester Road in St. Louis County. I hope that Joplin has the famous service center decked out to represent the Chrome Shop Mafia.

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