This kenworth w900a is a replica of what was offered by kenworth from 1967-1975.

-Standalone truck
-5 cabins
-4 chassis
-2 engines
-11 transmissions
-Tuning parts
-Cabin accessories

All parts found in this mod is what kenworth offered during the associated years of production for this truck model.the new flattop style sleeper was introduced in 1974 and the Aerodyne raised roof sleeper with twin skylight windows was not introduced until 1976 so it will not be found in this mod.

kenworth did NOT offer a lift axle/tri Axle option during 1967-1975 any pictures you may see on production model w900a was retro fitted by a private 1982 the w900B was introduced

this kenworth w900a replica will only be made for use in ATS, it is an edit from its orginal w900a ATS mod which has been fully updated to the current ATS verison except use of weight station device


Truck Model:”Steve Roache”
Truck parts:”XDriver,Dro BeatZz,Bayonet,evh5150vanhalen,rockhobbit99, Corby,Colonel,SilveradoHD,Stas556,dmitry68,Kriechbaum,Stels, REDNEK, David Hester,Thomas Parham,Chief86,Bansheewoj,viper2,virat,peerke145 Skins by Goran Petkoski (Skinner) and Deven Weber included”
special thanks to:
Quattrophobia (many how to tips)
guidot of Half fast gaming ( many how to tips)
loadersaints (real Eaton fuller transmissions mod on steam workshop) compatible
Full DX11 compatible

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7z Kenworth W900A v2.4.7 1.46 UNZIP 77 MB
rar Kenworth W900A v2.4.6 1.45 146 MB
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