Oshkosh Defense Hemtt A4 (1.31 Compatible)

Oshkosh Defense HEMTT A4 8×8 – is a military truck that was fortunately brought to ATS. Sadly this truck soon became outdated and seemed to get no attention ever sense. Mod was updated to the latest ATS and also compatible and with ETS2 game.

Features mod Oshkosh Defense HEMTT A4 8×8:
– standalone vehicle
– Sold by a mod dealer;
– Own interior;
– Various wheels;
– Several engines and gearbox;
– Cable support;
– buy from Peterbilt dealer


Sergosh, Ben Affhandy; vasja555; Rework for 1.46+ by SMRS(Bananas)

2.6/5 - (7 votes)

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File File size
zip Oshkosh_HEMTT_ATS_1.49 61 MB
zip Oshkosh_HEMTT_ATS_1.48 61 MB
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3 Comments on “OSHKOSH DEFENSE HEMTT A4 V1.49”

  1. Apart from some of the wheel options being a bit too big? this is a real great truck to drive. Goes fast and handles real nice. Choose the 1000HP engine and it pulls anything! Thanks for the long overdue update.

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