PETERBILT 351 V1.0 1.50

PETERBILT 351 V1.0 1.50

Peterbilt’s lightweight model 351 was a worthy successor to the model 350, offering shorter wheelbases and more optimized weight distribution. The difference in sales numbers is very telling, with over 7000 351’s being sold 1954-1976 vs 847 350’s 1949-1957. It’s fairly safe to say that the 351 was the model that really drove Peterbilt conventionals to the success they continue to enjoy.

This mod seeks to recapture some of the magic of this pivotal truck model, including one of its iconic movie appearances!

Helpful Hints:
Pay careful attention when configuring the chassis, engine, and transmission. The standard chassis use double reduction rear axles (Rockwell SLDD) and so only slow ratios are available (4.68 to 5.90). This is best suited to the more ‘vintage’ engine selections by trading off speed for more torque at the wheels. There are also chassis with Hendrickson RS or Stabilaire suspension and SQHD rears (ratios 3.70 to 4.63) which pair well with more recent engines.

Unzip the archieve and copy the “scr_peterbilt_351” folder in the mod location.



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