Harlots V1.3

Harlots V1.0

Tastefully adds harlots/working girls to 5 locations on the map for you to enjoy. But, for a price.

The wild west was a place for everyone. Travelers, loners, cowboys, outlaws, harlots, hermits, tycoons, and want to be of all sorts. This mods adds what should of been in place in the original game, Harlots/working ladies in their full nude glory. The soul and life blood of the Wild West. They were strong, beautiful, and took pride in their business. Travel to any of the locations and contact a harlot. There are 78 different variations of the Harlots which spawn at 2 hour intervals giving you an immersive experience with variety.

St. Denis
Black Water

Drop the Harlots.asi and lml into your root directory.

Script Hook RDR2



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