Mary Linton Joins The Gang V1.0

Mary Linton Joins The Gang V1.0

Mary Linton will join the gang after the mission We Loved Once and True III is complete.

-Mary will fall down if badly injured (kneel next to her to help her)
-Sadie Adler outfits (F3 key)
-dancing (flat terrain only)
-love making (flat terrain only)
-simple alternative ending if you go help John (you need to load a moded save with Arthur as the player when the mission is finished to continue playing as Arthur
90.1 Percent Healthy Arthur Morgan Save Game
-removed sickness (this has a permanent effect on the saved games)

Requires: Scripthook

Optional files
Healthy Arthur:
Alternative to Healthy Looking Arthur mods. This one does not stream textures and is not compatible with any mod that changes shop_items.ymt file. Put lml inside main game file.



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