90.1 Percent Healthy Arthur Morgan Save Game

90.1 Percent Healthy Arthur Morgan Save Game

Version: Final

This is Story Complete Save game that lets you continue playing as Arthur Morgan after the epiglogue.

All outfits unlocked and owned.
All weapons unlocked and owned.

Arabian Black Superior Horse = Main active horse
American Standardbred = Temporary Horse
Arabian White Superior Horse = In Stable
Shire White Horse = In Stable
Throughbred Race Horse = In Stable

Max Honor

Money 1007381

0 Bounty

NOTE: Going to New Austin in this save, you will have invisible sniper hitting you after every 5 sec i suggest avoiding going to New Austin unless you have script that disables New Austin invisible sniper.
other places are OK.

Just drop content in archive to Documents/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2/Profiles/FolderNumber/



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