VOLVO VNL 2018 V2.34 1.46

VOLVO VNL 2018 V2.25 AND V2.26 ATS 1.38.X

Moved all upgrades to volvo_vnl_2018 folder
Moved def files to volvo.vnl.2018
Cleanup of textures
Changed cabin files to 740, 760 and 860.sii
Added Adaptive Loading and Tag chassies
Added proper engines
Removed engines that are not available in real life
Cleanup of interior textures
Added proprer dashboard lights
Reworked animations
Added VNL steering wheel

SiSL’s Mega Pack required v3_1


Authors: galimim
FRANCK PERU: Original model.
PIVA: Dashboard, computer.
Other authors:
Jon Ruda and zGSP: Textures to enhance the interior.
Flow below bits donated by Wolfi and GTM team
Update and fix: galimim
Correction of traffic registration: losevo58
Skins author: stewowe

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rar volvo_vnl_2018 182 MB
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