Volvo VNR v1.7 1.32.x


– Standalone;
– Volvo dealership (can be Purchased at: Tucson, Las Vegas);
– 2 cabins;
– 4 chassis;
– 9 engines;
– 10 transmissions;
– 2 interiors;
– Tuning;
– Accessories in the cabin;
– Your sounds.

Original mod

Seperated bumper, added a plastic variant Seperated mudflaps, added another variant
Added collision boxes for cabs
Bug fixes

Seperated deflectors
Optimisation of textures
Changed mirrors from Black to Chrome
Changed texture on plastic mirrors
Added “suspension: false” to all cabs
Removed mandatory front mirrors from trucks in dealerships

Updated interior Reworked animations
Added backlight to dashboard

Adjusted 5th wheel hook

Added Trailer brake stick animation
Adjust backlight on some interior parts to correspond with real life
Renamed parts to correspond with Volvo configurator
Bug fixes
Calculated and added wheelbase to chassies
Added support for warning flags

Fixed speedometer

Added support for SiSL’s Mega Pack
Bug fixes
Added support for front banner


franck_peru, galimim

Volvo VNR v1.7 1.32.x
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One Comment on “Volvo VNR v1.7 1.32.x”

  1. What name of truck i must write in .sii for working modded paintjob created via template for this truck?
    I wrote volvo.vnr and nothing….. piva.vnr… still nothing.. so .. what?

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