VOLVO VNR 2018 V1.5 1.49

– Standalone;
– Sold in the Volvo dealership;
– Own interior;
– Its sounds (depending on the brand of engine);
– Lightmask;
– 3 cabins;
– Several types of chassis;
– Several engine brands (with their own sounds);
– Standard set of gearbox;
– Trailer cable support;


franck_peru, yekkoyek, dashboard: piva, update: galimim.

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2 Comments on “VOLVO VNR 2018 V1.5 1.49”

  1. Thanks a whole lot for ruining everything on my ats, horrible mod. DO NOT get it. It will break your game.

  2. What name of truck i must write in .sii for working modded paintjob created via template for this truck?
    I wrote volvo.vnr and nothing….. piva.vnr… still nothing.. so .. what?

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