Fertilizer calculator V

Fertilizer calculator V

Extension to the fertilizer calculator in the game, with the output of the required amount of fertilizer for the calculated field.

Since the ingame fertilizer calculator and also some existing fertilizer calculators for Callte & Crops are not enough for me, especially when cultivating several fields and fertilizing at different intervals, I have created a fertilizer calculator with memory function in.

So you can always see what the current status is in the field and what has been fertilized.

This requires Excel with macros enabled.

In the upper table the current status can be seen and changed with the button “Edit data” in the lower editing area. After that, all that needs to be done is to press save to update the current state of the field.

For normal use, only the yellow fields should be changed, either by using the dropdown menu or by entering the appropriate numbers.

If you notice any errors, please report them and I will try to fix them.

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