MobTrog: mobile pasture land v 2.1

mobile pasture land


Here you get a mobile feeding trough (S:10 bulls, M:30 bulls, L:50 bulls) or a mobile pasture (SF:10 bulls, MF:20 bulls, LF:30 bulls). Each available in 3 sizes.

You can use the mobile feeding trough if you already have a fenced area (e.g. behind the farm).
The mobile pasture is the feeding trough version with a fence that prevents the bulls from escaping.
In the middle of the feeding trough is an invisible 3 point attacher. With this attacher and a tractor you can move this mod whereever you want on your map.

Feeding can be done with SuperSilo2000 or hay (loose or baled). As long as SuperSilo2000 is available, the bulls will eat it and grow quickly. When the silo runs out, the bulls switch to hay and grow normally. Then, when the hay is also out, the bulls switch to the pasture grass and don’t have to starve.

This mod came about from a fellow player idea, as the pastures behind the farm are currently without function or the bulls are not growing.

CAUTION: To buy, find a place with a lot of space and have the purchase placed in front of the player! There is not enough room at the merchant for even the smallest version.

Detailed instructions in the CnC Forum (en)

+++ V2.x based on V1.x but with animal mod!
V2.1: This version based on V1.1 and supports also the new animal mod from Nachtfalke. To the one existing animaltype 7 more animal types added: poultry, goose, cow, horse, sheep, pig, goat. The animal mod is currently only available via the CnC Forum (german section) [link].

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