Marcopolo G7 1600 LD MB ETS2 1.50

Marcopolo G7 1600 LD MB ETS2 1.50

The creator of this bus mod “Marcopolo G7 1600 LD MB” is Norman Rodrigues & Paulo Victor

-it is converted by Cristhian Cardoso
-it has its own Passengers:
-it has its own Luggage & Suitcases
-it has its own Skins
-it has its own Itineraries and Windshield Plates
-it has its own 3D
-it has its own Chassis
-it has its own Baggage
-it has its own Engine
-it has its own Sound
-it has its own Animations


Norman Rodrigues, Julio Cesar, TitiGameplay, Bernardo Andrade, Lucas Souza, Enzo Caldeirini, Cristhian Cardoso, Thomas Povaluk & Henrique Araujo

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rar Marcopolo G7 1600 LD MB V2 242 MB
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