BMW M5 E39 Special Edition 1.35.x

BMW M5 E39 Special Edition

– Addition of Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) chassis
– Reconfigured engine & transmission values and figures
– Removed UK interiors
– Fixed crash
– Improved physics


– 530d & M5 V8 engine options (with original specs by BMW. Cc: Wikipedia)
– Manual gearbox (there is no automatic gearbox for this car)
– 2 interiors
– 8 rims

1 Cabin
1 Chassis (The front side is slightly raised, you must cross the bumps.)
2 Engine (2 engine options are the original values given by the BMW manufacturer.)
1 Gearbox
2 Interior (Special interior is recommended.)
8 Wheels
New Physics
More vivid colors

Test version: 1.32-1.35.x


Metin Tınaz

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