Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2018 1.46

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2018 1.41

Updated to game version 1.46
Traffic bots lighting error

Updated to game version 1.45
Minor edits and fixes
Glass glare bug fixed
Steering made mandatory option
Lamp red bug fixed

Changelog 1.44
-Fixed a glass glare issue
-Improvements have been made to the coatings
-Fixed bugs

-1.43 Correction
-Organized ones
-Physics has been corrected
-Fixed the issue of glass glare
-Fixed the glass reflection issue
-Fixed the mirror glare issue

1.42-1.43 Fix
-Organized ones
-Physics has been corrected
-Added new sound
-Fixed a glass glare issue

-HQ Model
-Dial Animation
-2 Wheel Paint-Krom

TR – Cam Parlamamasını istiyorsanız yansıma detayı düşük şekilde olması olması lazm!
EN – If you want the glass not to shine, the reflection detail should be low!

Done Editing 1.42x
Steering was the option
Multi-Sp adapted from


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