Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 2016 v 5.2 1.41


– Minor edits and fixes
– Reconfigured engine (improved realism)
– Reconfigured transmission (improved realism)
– Improved interior textures
*To achieve the top speed, slot the car into the 6th gear*.


– Minor edits and fixes
– Fixed mirror
– Reconfigured sound on high RPMs
– Reconfigured transmission (improved realism)

– Fixed headlights
– New V8 sound
– Added engine fail to start sound
– Reworked engine configuration from scratch to improving realism (feedback appreciated)
– Reconfigured transmission to improve realism (feedback appreciated)
– Reconfigured chassis (improved realism)
– Reconfigured tachometer animation
– Reworked interior details and colors. It’s now black/grey combination with red stitchings instead of beige
– Reconfigured interior materials for reflection
– The taillights are now a little bit darker
– Stock rims are now finished in steel grey color
– 2 new cabin accessories (iPhone X & Porsche Coffee Mug)
– New license plate
– Major edits and fixes

– Available at Iveco Dealer


– Exterior + Lightmask
– Interior + Decals
– Sound
– Animations


Mustafa Kemal NUR (mstkmlnr)

4.5/5 - (10 votes)

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