Tofas Kartal V1.2R140 1.48

Tofas Kartal V1R20 1.36

Updated to 1.48
Updated to 1.46
Updated to 1.45
Updated to 1.44
Updated to 1.43

Tuning parts
AA + TC grill logo
Turkish flag on the front bumper
Kemal Sunal and Türkan Şoray photos on rear side glass
Bumper lights
2 antennas
Rear / front plate options
Front and rear bumpers
Turkish flag on the back
Tinted glass
Detachable door sticks
Chrome / plastic tank cap
Stock and abarth exhaust
Etiket parts
A lot of headlights
A lot of HELLA lights
Baggage sticks
3 bumper lips
Tofas / Kartal model texts
Chrome stick parts
A lot of grills
A lot of rims
2 interiors
Cabin dlc
All gauges animations
Automatic gear animation
Windows animations



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