INTERIOR LIGHTS by TopGear 2020 1.39.x

INTERIOR LIGHTS v1.2 by TopGear 2020 1.38.x

– all truck added – R_GRILL + BEACON
– all color model fixed (looks better in the cabin)
– all truck light working “O” button (beacon)
– if you choice 2 color (1 with beacon + 1 with roof grill) just work together.
– few truck dont have flat roof! so you can use only ROOF_GRILL light!

Version 2 (bug fixed)
New light mod added! (replace: ROOF GRILL + BEACON)
You can choice now: *light1 or *light2 or *light1+*light2 together
– before was lot of bug and wrong code – now this ok.
Download and Enjoy!

Downlaod and Enjoy!


Alang7, TopGear

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