MAPA EAA V 6.0 1.39.X

EAA Truck map v5.0.8 1.33.x

Towns (44): Umuarama -PR, Porto União – SC, Union of Victory – PR, Mogi Mirim – SP, São João da Boa, Vista – SP, Mococa – SP, Poços de Caldas – MG, Parauapebas – PA, Carajás – PA, Janauba – MG, Brumado – BA, Parnaíba – PI, Tomé, San Bernardo, Coquimbo, Valdivia, Calama, Chaiten, Puyuhuapi, Coiahique, Puerto Aysen, Cochrane, O’Higgins, Huaral, Huacho, Barranca, Chimbote, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura, Sullana, Machala, GuayaquilЮ Duran, Milagro, Quevedo, Santo Domingo, Quito, Concordia, Jump, São Jorge do Oiapoque
Cayenne, Lethem

Roads (5900 Km):
(SOUTH) BR-153 – From the intersection with the BR-280 to Irati – 198 Km
(SOUTH) BR-472 – From Campo Mourão – Umuarama – 106 Km
(SOUTH) PR-223 – From Umuarama – Guaira – 101 Km
(SOUTH) Access to Porto União and União da Vitória – 50 Km
(WEST CENTER) BR-463 – from Dourados to Ponta Porã – 113 Km
(SOUTHEAST) SP-340 – from Campinas to Mococa – 159 Km
(SOUTHEAST) MG-449 – from Mococa to the BR-491 interchange (Guaxupé) – 37 Km
(SOUTHEAST) SP-344/342 – From Entrocamento with SP-340 (São João da Boa Vista) to Aguas da Prata – 47 km
(SOUTHEAST) BR-267 – from Aguas da Prata to Poços de Caldas – 35 Km
(SOUTHEAST) BR-459 – from Poços de Caldas to Pouso Alegre – 110 Km
(SOUTHEAST) BR-146 – from Poços de Caldas to Alfenas – 83 Km
(NORTH) PA-275 – From Eldorado dos Carajás to Carajás – 165 Km
(NORTH) BR-401 – From Boa Vista to Bonfim – 157 Km
(SOUTHEAST) BR-122 – From Montes Claros to Janaúba – 126 Km
(NORTHEAST) BA-262 – From Vitória da Conquista to Brumado – 160 Km
(NORTHEAST) BR-343 – From Piripiri to Parnaíba – 200 Km

Here’s a fix for a compatibillity issue between EAA 6.0 and Promods 2.51:
Load order:

Background map
Promods Definitions Package
Promods Map Package
Promods Media Package
Promods Models 1 Package
Promods Models 2 Package
Promods Models 3 Package
Promods Assets Package
EAA 6.0 Promods 2.51 Fix
Mapa EAA 6.0
Base Mapa EAA 6.0


EAA Team

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10 Comments on “MAPA EAA V 6.0 1.39.X”

    1. ¡Esto se debe a que no descargaste el mod de carga también! ¡Hay Bitrens y Rodotrens, Heavy Loads y otros! Lo correcto sería descargarlo directamente en el canal de Youtube de EAA. ¡Están todos los detalles, incluidos camiones y autobuses para descargar y divertirse!

  1. Just a stupid map done without any care! A waste of my time and download money. Streets are way too small and tight, too many stupid signs, speeds are wrong, old tolls that dont open! Are you kidding or something???? Trying to get to Barcelona from Toulouse is sad and funny… This “mod” is typical of a generation that has forgotten quality. Seems to be the product of some kid who doesnt even drive what he thinks he has so “wonderfully” created. a heavy-ass waste of time, full of bugs according to Console!

    1. faça melhor entao seu bundão deu trabalho pros cara fazer pra vc vim falar merda se
      tenho nojo de gente que nem voce cara. aposto que ta usando o mapa e ta falando bosta

  2. You guys rock, best map i’ve had, better than promods, love all the hills, that’s what trucking is all about.
    Keep up the good work.

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