Hungary Map 0928a Hotfix & New AI by Indian56 1.31.x


This mod contains 2 scs files, one (HM_0928s_hotfix_for_1.31.x_byIndian56.scs) is the Hotfix, the other (HM_0928a_new_AI_test_byIndian56.scs) primarily uses the new AIs (Electricity, HÉV, various trains and level crossings), but also many new models I’m not telling you now!
*This mode requires HUNGARY_MAP v0.9.28a by Frank007

Use mod at your own risk as it may contain errors.
It is worth to be careful when it comes to level crossings.

Activation sequence (very important):

– HM_0928a_new_AI_test_byIndian56.scs

– HM_0928a_hotfix_for_1.31.x_byIndian56.scs

– hungary_model.scs

– hungary_base.scs

“Hotfix” and “AI Test mod” can only be used together!

(I do not usually issue a mode that may not work flawlessly, but after more and more people are “pushing”,

I thought that as many people as possible test it, maybe you can filter out the bugs as soon as possible!)



Hungary Map 0928a Hotfix & New AI by Indian56 1.31.x
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