Maghreb Map-Road to Africa Road Connection + Fix v 1.3 1.49

Maghreb Map-Road to Africa Road Connection + Fix v1.0 1.49

Why? Now there is more of a reason to use the road connection, also not to mention that the Tripoli – Napoli ferry was unrealistic.

Map provides:

– Road connection between Maghreb Map and Road to Africa in Libya (Zuwara – Tripoli).
– Fix for compatibility issues between the two maps.
– Fixed ISO Codes for Maghreb Map.
– Fixed license plate issue
– Removed some unrealistic or unnecessary ferries so there’s more reason to use the connection.

Required Content

Road to Africa, Maghreb Map

Changelog v1.3
*New mod icon
*Fixed country name locations

Changelog 1.2.1:

-Made Zuwara look a bit nicer, you can see what it looks like in the screenshots
-Reduced the size of the mod from 72MB to 3MB (I forgot to delete the europe.bak file)
-Deleted the following ferries:
*Tripoli [LY] – Napoli [IT]
*Jorf [TN] – Houmt-souk [TN]

Changelog v1.1:

Fixed license plate issues.



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