Map EuRoadNet Ibiza Edition v 1.2

Map EuRoadNet v1.0 1.38

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Fixed version, named V1.0a for download, with the needed arrangements…and that’s the reason why:

However, after a conversation with the mappers from the Promods team, it has been revealed that one of our mappers, TheNightgames, has stolen work from other maps, the said areas are Bratislava by the Great Poland mod and the road between Praha and Mladá Boleslav by Promods.
We have looked deeper into the issues and have removed them from our map.
We do not tolerate any mapper in our team who steals or uses other people’s work without their permission, and to lying about this. Now that we found this out, the mapper has been kicked out of the team. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this, and we thank Promods’ team for helping us discover the issue and working with us quickly to fix it.

Stuttgarter Kreuz Add-on for EuRoadNet v1.0a 1.39

This mod is an add-on for EuRoadNet v1.0a.
It rebuilds two interchanges nearby Stuttgart: Stuttgarter Kreuz and Dreieck Leonberg.
For game version 1.39 ONLY! It will not work on 1.40 because SCS rebuilds that area too.

Changelog v1.1b
Version 1.1b with a couple of bug fixes and 1.43 compatibility

Changelog v1.1

Germany: Cittau cities, glucstadt, cuxhaven, Hemur, Vishhafen, Rotenzee
Denmark: Cities of Aarhus, Randers, Stovring, Hobro
Czech Republic: Mlada Boleslav, Liberec
Hungary: rebuilding Budapest
Belgium: rebuilding Liege, E42 / A501 roads, E19 / A501, E42 / E40
France: rebuilding Vierzon, roads A62 / A630, A10 / A630, A7 / A52, A10 / N104, A10 / A11, A81 / A11, Reconstruction of the A71 / A20 transport junction
Finland: Uryala city, Carkkil
Poland: City of Seninka
New Ferries: Glucstadt-Vishhafen, Travelyunde Trelleborg.

France: Bonifacio Expanded, and a new Ferry. New Ferries: Ibiza-Barcelona Ibiza-Valencia Bonifacio-Santa Teresa di Gallura


EuRoadNet Team

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