Map Harsh Russian Siberia r5 1.38

Map Harsh Russian Siberia r3 1.36

To start the map, you must disable DLC Going East (dlc_east) in the folder with the game, create a folder such as DLC and temporarily move dlc_east.scs there
Create a new profile and select the srrus.mbd module

The archive has 14 files
Required to Run 7
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 LOCK original.scs
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 MAP.scs
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 MAP2.scs
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 MAP3.scs
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 MAP4.scs
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 MAP5.scs
S.R. Siberia r3 1.36 MAP6.scs

Optional for winter map
Winter S.R. Siberia r3 MAP1 .scs
Winter S.R. Siberia r3 MAP2.scs
frosty_7_2_MF_1feee r3 sibir.scs winter mod
Ice. Siberia r3.scs imitation of ice

early_autumn_v5_9 r3 sibir.scs autumn mod
SR Siberia r3 1.36 TANDEM.scs adds tandem transportation
SR Siberia r3 1.36 MAIL.scs skins Russian post

Harsh Russian Siberia DLC East fix

Since “Harsh Russian Siberia” requires “Going East DLC” to be removed, I made this mod that temporarily disables Going East without the need to remove it. Just place this above other Siberia maps in Mod Manager.

Fix – In the mod Manager, instead of the file: – SR Siberia r5 1.36 LOCK original.scs, put this: – Sibir r8 1.38 LOCK original.scs



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  1. It’s working, but the map is crashing on many of places, I took one 1h job and the map crashed every cca 5-10 minutes (in free cam too), so yeah it’s working but so bad.

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