Eastern’s Epic Extras V1.5

Eastern's Epic Extras V1.1

Add Epic Extras! Gunbelts, Belts, Bandoliers, Accessories Galore, Jewelry, Beards, and more!

WhyEm’s DLC Compatible!

 – 161 New Items !

– Before you ask, YES, some of the items clip and a couple anims are broken, I know.
Please use your sense of creativity to mix and match and find what works with what.

 == New Menus ==    
 – Beard Menu at Barber

  – New Trapper Menu

  == Features ==

- Options to Remove – Gunbelts, Belts, all Holsters, Sheaths, Quivers, Jewelry, Accessories, Satchels, and Beards

  - 26 Beards, allowing for natural beard adjustments to get the perfect look.

- Equip all new Accessory Combos

  – All new Custom Gunbelts

 – All Trapper Items Unlocked in Base file (not merge)

 - Native Compatibility with RDOffline

 == Compatibility ==

-Not Compatible with any mod that modifies catalog_sp.ymt, shop_items.ymt, assets_drawable or strings.gxt2

 -So that means, NPC Catalog, Companion Weapons, JMRP/Outfits, etc.

-With that being said, if this mod gets enough popularity and support I will reach out to those mod creators for permission to create a merge of their mods with mine.

 == Notes ==

- This mod pairs very nicely with Lasso on Belt Restored by Daan.
-And QwardNaffle’s Rifle Holster on Back.

 == Installation ==

-This mod is natively compatible with RDOffline 1.3.

-So find “LML/ red_dead_offline/” and replace the corresponding files in your RDOffline folder.

-Finally, drop the folder named “EEEAssets_Drawable” into your LML folder or import it to your LML ModManager.

-Boom Done!

Requires: Lenny’s Simple Trainer



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