J.M.F.A.O. V1.0

J.M.F.A.O. V1.0

This is a complete overhaul of John Marston’s facial animations, with the purpose of giving him a fresh new look that’s more in line with his RDR1 counterpart.
All core animations also now have their own unique look that better matches each situation, rather than all being a variation of the same sad/tired face. Aiming, combat, normal moods, etc. have all been overhauled. There are a lot more new expressions than what’s shown in the images, but it’d take me way too long to show a comparison of each and every one. Once again – Every single facial animation has been changed.
And yes, John now blinks and has normal facial movement again.

Marston’s expressions were mostly static during gameplay in the first game, so I’ve taken heavy inspiration from various cutscenes/official screenshots to try to capture this feel in gameplay as seamlessly as possible.

-Drop -JMFAO- into your lml folder

This is a remake of my old mod John Marston Facial Animation Overhaul

Merge file:
-Drag and drop -JMFAO AMFAO- into your lml folder
-Delete ‘facial_clipset_groups.xml’ from -AMFAO-



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zip JMFAO-1-00 14 KB
zip JMFAO AMFAO Merge-1-01 14 KB
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