Lightsaber V1.0

Lightsaber V1.0

When Arthur and John obtained the lightsaber

Put in the lml stream
This is my first time trying the ydr module, and it was an interesting experience. Despite many setbacks and difficulties, I succeeded. Well, I won’t say much nonsense. To make this module useful, you need a catalog_sp.ymt, such as whyem’s dlc, Eastern’s Epic Extras, 1899 firsts, or JMRP. Then, search for and find 
w_meleebrokensword01 and w_meleemachete01 in this file, and change them top_hat_band_000 and p_hat_band_001, respectively, to ensure that there are no duplicate files
If you don’t know how to operate, I will upload a compatible version of whyem’s DLC as an optional file. You just need to backup and replace it, remember to backup it! Then please enjoy your happy time. I want to thank LeBakou for teaching me how to make ydr shine. I hope everyone can support him


Red Parrot

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