WhyEm’s DLC V1.1.0.2

WhyEm's DLC

Clothing & premade outfits, hairdos & beards, saddles, grips carvings & tints all in one mod. 2k items? You bet

In Addition This Mod Brings You a Few Fixes That Enables Featres that were not Available in Vanila

The mod includes the following Features and Fixes:
– Option to Remove Shirt
– Option to Remove Satchel
– Option to Remove Holster
– Option to Remove Suspenders
– Option to Remove Off-hand Holster
– Dedicated Knife Sheaths Sub-Menu
– Dedicated Ammunition Belt Sub-Menu
– Dedicated Accessories Menu
– Saddles with custom components
– Custom Arthur saddles with his signature Hat
– Custom Hairstyles compatible with hair growth
– Horse Scabbards with matching Saddle colors
– Horse Bow Mount bundled with the scabbard
– Horse lanterns* for the custom saddles…
– Horse lassos for the custom saddles
– Requirement based Saddles*
– Matching NPC Hair Color for John
– Option to choose the signiture open collar
of the everyday shirt via the modify menu
– Fixed the winter shotgun clipping
in vanila with the neckerchief

*You will need to buy the custom saddle first then the lantern will be unlocked for purchase


If you want to save a outfit you made with the new items
Don’t Save it with a removed main item such as holsters or satchels
The game requires that you have a holster, offhand holster, and a satchel
Saving without those will corrupt your save and outfits

Don’t get me wrong you
can play the game with this mod and save normally with no problems at all going through chapters in style
However, if you plan to remove the mod… then just make sure you equip any vanila outfit which includes, satchel, holsters, and knife sheath then save then uninstal the mod

Do not uninstall the mod with one of the main items unequipped

Only Play the Mod in English if you want the Item Titles To Show
I only wrote them in English

Red Dead Offline and Red Dead Enhanced Edition require
Version.DLL (aka RDR 2 Asi Loader 0.2.1)
Standard Edition
no longer requieres it

The items i added are those under a menu called WhyEm
Other Items are simply added from other mods i provide a merge with
Therfore i don’t take any credit for them nor do i have anything to do with thier functionality or appearance

you have to wear a specific combo of clothing
to eliminate certain items that clip
I mainly added those for
more Importantly
I had to give some of you something
to complain about and hate on

I made this for my copy of the game
which happens to be a legit version
therefore you may get a
if you are using a
cracked version
No Judgment

Goes without saying that you should always have a backup save before installing any mod
If you wear a belt that is meant for John remember to buy/equip a knife sheath meant for John as well to fix the positioning
The Accessories and the outfits menu at the trapper will not show the preview if you choose it directly
as a workaround; view a hat or a coat then go back and navigate to them
The game has an item limit for you to equip so choose wisely
Not doing so may result other items being unequipped
Made this with max texture settings enabled
make sure you max out your textures in the game’s settings


First make sure you install LML
and that it is working

Second read this article by Dell
on how to use drag and drop
in Windows
Move and copy files using drag and drop in Microsoft Windows

now back to the installation method
watch the video
for a visual follow along
Yes it is still valid

of course
if you use your own or someone’s home brewed merge
then that’s on you

Step One
Download the Latest version of SkriptHook
Place in your RDR2 folder
Install LML
Run any RDR mod that uses lml to verify its working

Step Two
Do NOT use any mod manager or downloader for this
Unless you know how to do it
Deleting one of the files will result in you having fewer items
If you experience a crash then either you have :
a. a conflicting mod
b. you did not install it correctly

Step Three
Standalone version
Download standard edition version
Unpack contents in lml folder
Play game


Step Three
Red Dead Offline Compatible Version
Download Red Dead Offline and install it
Verify Red Dead Offline by running it first
Download WhyEm’s DLC Red Dead Offline Edition
Unpack all contents in lml folder
Overwrite when prompted
Play game



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4 Comments on “WhyEm’s DLC V1.1.0.2”

  1. Must remove all moded clothes and co, have to use standard game wardrobe and co, save game. install mod, load game save and works for me, every update of this mod.

    1. After i buy many amount of items in the whyem, i can’t save the game. It said to ” ensure the system storage has free space” while i have 193 gb of free space and 16 gb of RAM. Is there any certain step to successfully save the game?

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