1899 Firearms V3.92

1899 Firearms

Extensive gameplay changes to firearms

Changes rate of reload and cocking animations, accuracy and damage, FPS recoil etc.

Dear Outlaws,

This mod has been in the works for months now and it was about to time to release it. Below are a list of changes but not all. I will probably write a more in-depth article later. Let’s go!


Damage redone to match real life firearms and cartridge muzzle energies. Example: The muzzle energy for the Cattleman (Colt SAA) 1000 fps(feet per sec) 250 gr (grains) .45 colt cartridge is 555 ft/lbf. Hence the damage will be 55.5. If an NPC has 100 health it will die in 2 shots at close range.
Weapon ranges greatly increased and fall-off damages determined by muzzle energies and real life standard conditions (37 damage at 200 yards for above example)
Fall-off damages created for snipers and machine guns (previously missing)
Player vs NPCs damage are the same (previously NPCs do less damage with the same weapon)
Chance of NPCs landing a headshot on the player have increased (headshots do 10x the damage)
Every firearm has bullet force now but I have reduced it since I hate the Hollywood gunshot effect (previously only for rifles and shotguns)


Reload animations have been tailored for each firearm (no slowmo effect like other mods)
Animations will effect NPCs but to an extent (explanation below*)
Lower reload rate for NPCs on horseback


Cocking rates are changed firearms and “feel” more responsive now and have less jittery animations
Fire rates & cocking rates also affect NPCs


Limited bullet types so no more express and explosive ammo for revolvers, pistols, repeaters and shotguns
High velocity is treated as a pressurized hollow-point bullet
Schofield now also uses repeater ammo (labelled as express)
Increased rounds for Lancaster (14 ->16) and Pump Shotgun to (5 ->6)


Separated visual smoke effects for gunpowder vs smokeless firearms (use with GunFX)
No more “worn” signatures for pickups
3rd person recoil and reticle sway removed
3rd person camera FOV changed to 90H/59V (same as max default for non-aim) so no zooming effect
1st person recoil is based on muzzle energy and weight of the firearm (only the screen shake effect)
Replaced the normal bullet tracers for a more subtle one


Hotchkiss and Breach cannons display correct projectiles
Missing repeater recoil effect


*NPC’s reload is based on several factors and in combat they will reload max 3 bullets regardless of firearm
No bullet drop (same as vanilla)
DLCs and throwables are not complete

LML. Works with RDO but give this mod priority.
Firearm Cosmetics – Carvings and Grips
Online Content Unlocker


Bob Ross and LMS for providing a working substrate(RDO)

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19 Comments on “1899 Firearms V3.92”

  1. This mod is fucking fantastic it’s the main mod I install on every play-through of the game. I would love to see future content for this mod unless you’ve finished this project for good anyways thanks man.

  2. It’s really strange, but all non-knife melee weapons aren’t equippable(hatchets, machetes etc.), and the broken pirate sword that I picked up is now permanently attached to my hip, is there a known fix to this issue? I’m running it with the Trifecta mod and a couple others but through testing found out that it’s this mod causing the problem. If anyone could help that would be great, thanks.

  3. After installing the mod, I can’t purchase any of the new weapons nor can I buy any ammo from any gunsmith. I’m not sure why this is happening. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or have you solved it?

  4. All I want to know is how I can change it so I can equip guns on the “longarm back” slot again, It’s not even that I want 2 guns. It’s just more pleasing visually.

    1. I’m having this issue as well. I like being able to switch between my guns so only being able to have one longarm and a bow is annoying

  5. I’ve installed the RDO fix, and the Navy revolver is still there, but I can’t buy any of the new ammo. It also got rid of my saddle from RDO. A little confused.

  6. Hi, I love your mod. I just wanted to let you know that when I launch the game with your mod I spawn with no weapons. Hope it gets fixed because I really like the mod.

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