Map Rajawali v 7.0 1.48

Map Rajawali v 7.0 1.48

This map covers almost all of Indonesia, but in the previous version it only worked on 1.30 full DLC.

Now this map reworked in version 1.37 – 1.48 and tested 1.37, 1.40, 1.47, the map is same (still from the author’s work) I’m just fixing it

2. Changing road_look (the old road from the author, the old road) to road_template (the new road that is almost used in the European map) has been partially replaced (for those who have opened the map editor, you know)
3. Change the passenger job def so that it works in the latest version.
4. delete the special transport file (indeed, this file has no effect at all and there is no special transport job)
5. Some low poly vegetation

The map still uses full DLC…

Mod order

– Def
– Base1
– Base2
– Base3


Map update by Fatkhul Anam

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