New MAPA BR BRASIL 1.0 - ETS2 1.43

Information and Features of the BR Brazil Map 5.0 Free Version for ETS2

– Free map with 398 cities from all regions of Brazil.
– No DLC required.
– Virtual companies present in various cities.
– Deliveries from garages, farms, and residences are part of the project and included on the map by their clients.
– Thousands of dirt road sections in rural areas.
– More than 120 bus stations included in the map, located in all capitals and randomly in interior cities.
– Passenger transport embedded in the map (no third-party mods needed).
– Own vegetable cargo (dry cargo) embedded in the map for use by central markets (no third-party mods needed).
– Central markets for rigid trucks with incoming and outgoing cargo in all capitals, as well as in other strategic cities.
– Sites and farms named after subscribers participating in live streams and video premieres on the MAPA BR BRASIL ETS2 YouTube channel.
– Large, functional scales.
– Toll stations on various stretches and highways.
– Ferry crossings in various locations.
– Original SCS scale.
– Cities created from scratch symbolically and strategically for the map.
– Random connecting roads, following an analogous pattern at some point.

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### Instructions:

1. Make sure you downloaded the BR Brazil Map 5.0 file from the official and original download link on my YouTube channel:


– If you are reading this, ensure you downloaded it from the official link.

2. The BR Brazil Map version 5.0 is in a compressed “RAR” file.

– Inside this file, there are five mod files to be installed in the following order in the Mod Manager:

– Mapa_BR_Brasil_5.0_ETS2_1.50.2.3.scs
– Base4_BR_Brasil_5.0_ETS2_1.50.2.3.scs
– Base3_BR_Brasil_5.0_ETS2_1.50.2.3.scs
– Base2_BR_Brasil_5.0_ETS2_1.50.2.3.scs
– Base1_BR_Brasil_5.0_ETS2_1.50.2.3.scs


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