Pecs Rebuild ProMods addon V 1.1 1.44

Pecs Rebuild ProMods addon 1.43

This map mod is rebuilding the old city of Hungary, Pécs.

Version 1.1 (1.44, PM 2.61)
Rebuild the junction M7x68
Reskin the Road 68 (E661)
New town – Mohács
New road 56 and 57 (E73)
Some improvement in Pécs

Version 1.0 (1.43, PM 2.60)
The first and the important: Pécs.
I deleted the old city and building a new one.
New roads and intersections.
New signs, buildings, vegetations.
New companies.

I removed the old resting place
I rebuild the/build new junctions
I finished the highway to the end

I rebuild the tunnels. Now in-game the M6 has 4 tunnel instead of 3
I rebuild the M6-55 junction
I added the M6-57 junction and rebuild the M6-M60 junction

Road 6(from Pécs to Barcs):
Full rebuild
New intersections
New village: Darány

Reskin of the road 55.



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